Sanima Mai Hydropower Ltd. is a public Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company. Established in 2008 for the sole purpose of implementing Mai Hydropower Project (MHP) (22MW) and Mai Cascade Hydropower Project (MCHP) (7MW), the company currently owns and manages both the projects, MHP and MCHP.



Mai Hydropower Project

Mai Hydropower Project is a run-of-the-river hydropower plant with an installed capacity of 22MW. Located in Mai Muncipality (formerly Gunumune and Chisapani VDC), Ilam district, its construction began in 2010 and the plant became operational in 26th Feburary, 2015.

The average annual energy generation of Mai Hydropower Station is 128.298 GWh.       



Mai Cascade Hydropower Project

Mai Cascade Hydropower Project is a run-of-the-river hydropower plant that utilizes the tail water of Mai Hydropower Station. With an installed capacity of 7 MW, it is situated in Mai Muncipality (formerly Danbari VDC), Ilam District. The construction of the plant began in 2013 and the plant became commercially operational in 12th Feburary, 2016.

The average annual energy generation of Mai Cascade Hydropower plant is 38.422 GWh.



Mai Hydropower Project (MHP) was first proposed as a potential project in June 2006.

After a feasibility study of the MHP was conducted by Sanima Hydropower Ltd, MHP was proposed as a peaking run-of-the-river hydropower project with an installed capacity of 22MW.

But, under the advisement of the NEA, the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for MHP was signed on 21st April, 2010, with the peaking option abandoned and the installed capacity reduced to 15.6 MW. The PPA for MHP was later amended on 21st March 2012 and the installed capacity increased again to 22 MW. Another PPA for Mai Cascade Hydropower Project (MCHP) was signed on 25th January, 2013.

A special purpose vehicle company, ‘Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited’ (SMHPL), was then established for the implementation of MHP (22MW) as well as Mai Cascade Hydropower Project (MCHP) (7MW). After the inception of SMHPL, Sanima Hydropower Limited made an application to the Department of Electricity Development (DoED) for a transfer of its license to SMHPL. The motion was approved by the DoED and SMHPL officially obtained its license on March 2009.

The total duration of the completion of the projects, including testing and commissioning, was estimated to be 42 months and was presented as 4 years from the date of PPA.

The construction of MHP and MHCP began on January 2011 and July 2013, respectively. MHP became commercially operational on 26th February, 2015. MCHP became commercially operational on 12th February 2016.

The total cost of both projects amounted to NPR 4,673 Million (approx. USD 45 Million).