Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited was established by Sanima Hydro group as a special purpose vehicle to implement Mai Hydropower Project (22 MW) and Mai Cascade Hydropower Project (7 MW).          

Both projects are run-of-river (RoR) type and located at the formerly Chisapani, Danabari, and Soyak Village Development Committees (VDCs) of Ilam district. MHP utilizes the flow of Mai Khola and MCHP utilizes the water from the tailrace of MHP to generate electricity. Projects comprise Diversion weir with Undersluice, Intake arrangements followed by Inlet canal, Settling basin, Headrace culvert, Headrace tunnel, Surge-shaft followed by Penstock Pipe, MHP powerhouse, Tailrace canal, Penstock pipe for MCHP, MCHP powerhouse and Tailrace.

Power generated from MHP is evacuated through 132kV transmission line of 10.6 km and connected to the Integrated Nepal Power System (INPS) at Nepal Electricity Authority’s Godak sub-station in Ilam district. Whereas power generated from MCHP is evacuated to Switchyard of MHP through 33kV transmission line then to national grid through 132kV transmission line.

Construction of both projects have been completed and are currently operating successfully. Major events/ dates of both projects are listed below:


S. No






PPA signed on

8th Baisakh, 2067 ( 21st April, 2010)

12th Magh, 2069 (25th January, 2013)



Generation License signed on and valid up to

13 Bhadra 2067 (29th Aug, 2010)

12th Magh, 2069 (25th January, 2013)



Generation valid up to

12th Bhadra 2102 (28th Aug, 2045)


14th Kartik 2104 (31st October 2047



Required commercial operation date (RCoD)

31st Asadh, 2071 (14th July, 2014)

1st Shrawan, 2072 (17th July, 2015)



Civil contractor mobilized on


13th Shrawan 2070 (28th July, 2013)



Commercial Operation Date (CoD)

14th Falgun 2071 (26th February, 2015)

29th Magh, 2072 ( 12th February, 2016)

Delay was caused due to force majeure condition.



Debt – 75%,

Equity -25%

Debt – 75%, Equity -25%

Promoter equity – 70%, Public equity - 30%,


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